2020(S11) Lecture:week 7

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Week 7 Tuesday

Getting Technical

Over the next few weeks we will spend nearly all of our lecture and studio time specifying these aspects of your project:

  • a high level system specification (i.e. a plain language overview of what your project will do)
  • a pseudo-code description of your system (i.e. a series of IF, THEN statements that program your cell)
  • a block diagram showing the system's architecture (i.e. a simple series of squares inside a cell to show functions and their connections)
  • a device/modules list
  • a timing diagram
  • a parts list

Be ready to revise what seemed like completed aspects of your project as you learn more about what's available and how things work. Design/revise/design/revise/design/revise....that's what the next few weeks will be all about...

Project Selection Status?

  • Brief report of each team's project selection status.

System Overview: Bacterial Buoy

  • You and your project team will describe the highlevel a system behavior for an engineered system, namely for the Melbourne 2007 iGEM "coliform" project.
    • The Melbourne team wanted to build a 3D, floating mass of bacteria that adhered to one another when the cells detected both blue and red light. In other words: at the intersection of an incoming red light beam and blue light beam, a solution of bacteria would clump and remain suspended in its growth media.
coliformers from Melbourne's iGEM 2007 team
coliformers from Melbourne's iGEM 2007 team
    • As a class we'll watch the first 5 minutes of the Melbourne team's iGEM presentation.
    • Next your project team should work out a high level overview of the system's behavior for the coliform project and some pseudo-code to program this behavior. Finally write on the white board a block diagram that connects the inputs and outputs for the cell. You should not spend more than 10 minutes on this activity. When you are done, delegate someone to explain what you've done as a team and what questions arose as you worked. Then you and your team can get right to work on the last thing planned for today's lecture.

System Overview: Your Idea Here

Finally, take the rest of today's lecture time to illustrate or specify the system overview of your team's project in plain language, in psuedocode, and in a block diagram. Some version of the system overview you generate today will be included in your Tech Spec Review.

Week 7 Studio


Week 7 Thursday

==Why are we doing this?==
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