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(Potential for Tissue Engineering)
(Potential for Tissue Engineering)
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==Potential for Tissue Engineering==
==Potential for Tissue Engineering==
[[Recellularized Hearts, by James Fargnoli]]
[[Decellularized Hearts, by James Fargnoli]]
== Pages from Student Alumni ==
== Pages from Student Alumni ==

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Cell Based Therapies

Bone Marrow Transplants, by Erinn Dandley, Max Nowak and Jean Smith

Structural and Functional Tissue Replacements

Dialysis, by Kyle Reed and Brian Kennedy
ACL Reconstruction, by Anthony Valle and Roger D. Morin
Knee Replacements, by David Ferreira
Hip Replacements, by Matthew Osso and Matthew Bannon
Pacemakers, by Anthony LaViola and David Triffletti
Artificial Heart Valves, by Nicole Raia and David Ferreira

Seminal People and Events

Devices and Companies that Support Tissue Engineering

Potential for Tissue Engineering

Decellularized Hearts, by James Fargnoli

Pages from Student Alumni

Previous Wikis

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