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(Structural and Functional Tissue Replacements)
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[[Artificial Skin, by Katie Geldhart and Timothy Ma]]
[[Artificial Skin, by Katie Geldhart and Timothy Ma]]
[[Vascularization by Julia Tomaszewski]]

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Cell Based Therapies

Bone Marrow Transplants, by Erinn Dandley and Max Nowak

Origami Tissue Engineering, by Adam Ramey

Structural and Functional Tissue Replacements

Dialysis, by Kyle Reed

Hip Replacements, by Matthew Osso

Artifical Vertebrae, by Matthew McNulty

ACL Reconstruction, by Anthony Valle

Pacemaker, by Chris Carr

Stents, by Ryan Colombo

Tissue Engineered Vascular Grafts, by Leonard Brandon

Artificial Hearts, by Manuel Escanciano and Charles Beyrouthy

Cell Sheet Tissue Engineering, by Julia Tomaszewski

Artificial Skin, by Katie Geldhart and Timothy Ma

Vascularization by Julia Tomaszewski

Seminal People and Events

Tony Atala: Artificial Bladder by Krishnendu Saha

Devices and Companies that Support Tissue Engineering

Potential for Tissue Engineering

Arthritis and rheumatic diseases by Stephanie Polgar

Pages from 2012 590B

2012 Wiki Pages

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