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[[Schwekendiek lab|Schwekendiek Lab at OWW]]
[[Schwekendiek Lab|Schwekendiek Lab at OWW]]<BR>
[http://faculty.cns.uni.edu/~schwekdk Goto Axel's Website at UNI]

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840.119: Introduction to Biotechnology

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Students select a topic of their choice in biotechnology which lead to development of a marketable product. In groups of two they work on the scientific background issues as well as on economic and/or ethical issues connected to the product. This is a beginners course for undergraduates and the work they present here is solely based on the students individual views and assessments. It is based on their current knowledge and serves as a starting point for further discussion. Please do not edit as long as you are a member of the student group. However, suggestions and comments are very welcome to mailto:axel.schwekendiek@uni.edu.


Schwekendiek Lab at OWW
Goto Axel's Website at UNI

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