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840:153g: Recombinant DNA Te(a)chniques

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2010 (Fall) Projects

Project 13: Detecting Estrogen in Water with Florescence "team Detectors"

Project 12: Oscillating fluorescence in E. coli and "Team BAs"

Project 11: E. coli fluorescing based on cold temp sensor and "E cool I"

Project 10: Remediation of Phenol Resin using White Rot LiP transferred into E. Coli and "team Fun Guys"

Project 9: Tetrodotoxin Production in E. coli Using Pufferfish Flp Genes. "Team Petrificus Totalus"

2009 (Fall) Projects

Project 8: Human Factor X: The NeXt generation of clotting

Project 7: E. coli Tic Tacs

Project 6: Strawberry Shortcake: An Exploration of the FaQR Gene

2009 (Spring) Projects

Project 5: NarL promotor manipulation "g(NarL)y prom(-O)ters"

Project 4: Anti-Fungal Bacteria "MoldBusters"

Project 3: Tear Inducing Bacteria by "It's my E. coli and I'll cry if I want to"

2008 (Fall) Projects

Project 2: The sweet smell of ...E.coli?

Project 1: Our Field of Dreams by "Emblazon"

Templates (please don't delete)

Project sandbox: This is your playground (everybody can use it)

Project template: Reference template for future classes (please do not modify)

Project 15: Title of your project and "team name"

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