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E. coli fluorescing red based on cold temperature sensing

  • Combining multiple biobricks in order to achieve our goal
  • Grow bacteria cultures, Miniprep plasmid DNA, Restriction digest insertion

Run vector on gel, Extract vector, ligate, transformation into cells, screen for plasmid by PCR and color change, possibly sequence DNA.

  • * Please also make yourself familiar with uploading pictures and *.ppt files

Important Results and Milestones

  • keep track of your most important results and refer to the corresponding page in your notebook
  • upload important pictures (don't forget to label them! Powerpoint is very convenient). Remember: these will become quite handy later in your summary report or final presentation. If you do label and upload the pictures as soon as you got them, your summary report can be written much more effortlessly (do you usually procrastinate? This is chance to do some work before hand that frees you up for finals week).

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