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DNA Extraction using Chelex

We elected to use a Chelex extraction protocol to extract Kelsely's DNA from the cells. The cells were obtained from the inner cheek of Kelsey's mouth. The sample was incubated, vortexed, and centrifuged to separate DNA from the Chelex molecules. The Chelex lyses the cells and binds to ions to prevents a large number of ions from binding to the negatively charged DNA. In our next lab session, we plan to prepare an agarose gel electrophoresis and run our DNA to check the effectiveness of our Chelex extraction. Depending on the outcome of our gel electrophoresis, we will either proceed to purifying our DNA or performing a new DNA extraction with a different protocol. Tuesday September 20, 2011 We ran a Agarose gel electrophoresis to determine if we successfully extracted any DNA. We ran three different experiments, one lane contained the solunate with EcoRI restriction enzyme, another lane contained an undigested solunate, and the third lane contained the solunate with PstI restriction enzyme. Our results showed that we did have DNA but it wasn't purified enough for a PCR reaction. Therefore we decided to purify our DNA before we run a PCR reaction.

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