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Performing an Enzyme Digest on Plasmid DNA Extractions

Today we performed an enzyme digest using EcoR1 and PstI on our plasmid DNA that we extracted on 11/1. We then ran the product in a 1% agarose gel to check fragment length. Four of our samples containing the wintergreen biobrick parts yielded bands at the correct length with negligible bands at irrelevant sizes. The RFP samples (lanes 1-4) did not present much DNA on the gel, so for our next lab time we plan to innoculate the glycerol stocks of the best RFP sample and grow the bacteria yet again in hopes of producing more growth. If we can grow more bacteria, we can extract more DNA to use in the next step of this process, which is to use biobrick restriction enzymes to fuse our two target genes and promoters into a single plasmid.

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