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On Tuesday of this week we resuspended the part pSB2K3 from the 2009 Kit Plate 1 from well 14N following the protocol found on the parts registry website. We found a transformation protocol and put our resuspended part into deep freeze for use later on Thursday. Thursday we transformed our part into competent cells using a transformation protocol found on the New England BioLabs (NEB) website we have three tubes, one with our plasmid, one control and one with water. we plated our cells on 2 Kanamycen plates, 1 ampacylin plate and 1 blank. we will let this incubate overnight at 37 degrees C and will be moved to the fridge on Friday afternoon. Next monday at 12 oclock we plan to move our plated cells to a liquid medium and allow them to grow giving us more of our part.

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