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PCR and Gel electrophorosis fro extracted DNA sample

On Tuesday, We did PCR for DNA samples with the extended primers to check if our extended primers is compatible with our new DNA sample in 3 temperature range 65ºC, 55ºC and 50ºC. We also did agarose gel electrophoresis for PCR products. We got good results this time as well. Our DNA got amplified with extended primers and the band size was between 1300-1400bp which is the expected size of our gene of interest i.e. 1350bp. We also noticed that all the bands are same at different temperatures. We cut the band from gel and store them at -20ºC.

On Thursday, We extracted DNA from agarose gel by using gel extraction kit and then run them in agarose gel.On agarose We saw that both our DNA6 and DNA mix gave good band of expected size i.e. 1350bp. So in our next lab we will grow the plasmid culture.

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