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Cloning of Atrolysin A Main Project Page
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This week We used our working primers to try and make a PCR product. Our first trial was a fail so we Then added a higher concentration of DNA and lowered our annealing temps these we are hoping allow for a positive DNA results. We also this week isolated our plasmid BBa_I0500 which is 1210 Bp long, from our vector. We ran the DNA on a gel and got to see if the DNA was present or not. And there was faint banding around 1200 bp which is a good sign. If present we will then be able to add our bio brick parts and incorporate our DNA in the plasmid.


Starting from the left: there is the positive control, negative control, E3, A3, Ladder, E2, A2, E1, A1. No bands showed up on the gel meaning that there was no amplification.

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