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  • AB medium is a minimal growth medium used for bacterial cultures. It has some changes compared to M9 medium and is supposed to course less problems with precipitation [1].


for 1 liter AB medium
2 g (NH4)2SO4
6 g Na2HPO4
3 g KH2PO4
3 g NaCl
200 ml H2O

Prepare and autoclave.

for 1 liter AB medium
1 ml 0.1 M CaCl2 (sterile)
1 ml 1.0 M MgCl2 (sterile)
1 ml 0.003 M FeCl3 (sterile)
797 ml H2O (sterile)

Mix 200ml 5xA and 800ml B to get 1 liter AB. Do never add B salts to 5xA!

Different things can or should be added:

  1. Carbon source (has to be added):
    1. 0.2% glucose (10ml of 20% or 4ml of 50% sterile stock)
    2. 0.4% acetate (20ml of 20% sterile sodium-acetate stock)
  2. Amino acids (check AA requirement of your strain):
    1. 0.5% casamino acids (50ml of 10% sterile stock)
  3. 10μg/ml thiamine (1 ml of sterile 10 mg/ml stock)
  4. 25μg/ml uridine (0.25 ml of sterile 10 mg/ml stock)(uridine makes E. coli K12 wildtypes as MG1655 of W3110 grow better because they are starving from pyrimidine [2].)


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