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Transformation of PCR product into E. coli cells Transformation Manual


Materials Supplied by the User

  • Plasmid DNA (ready for transformation)
  • 42°C water bath
  • 37°C shaking and non-shaking incubator
  • Ice bucket with ice
  • Spectrophotometer to measure optical density of the cell cultures
  • Microcentrifuge tube rack (optional)


  1. to PCR product, add 1 μL DPN1
  2. place reaction at 37 °C for 1 hour

store in freezer till ready for trasnformation

  1. prepare LB plates
  2. Equilibrate water bath to 42 °C and place the LB plates at 37 °C
  1. thaw onevial of cells on ice
  2. add 10 ng of DNA in 5 μL to the cells ( DO NOT MIX BY PIPETTING)
  3. heat shock the cells by incubating in 42 °C water bath for exactly 30 s
  4. place immediately on ice
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