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Dept. Biology, Healthcare & Environment
Section of Plant Physiology
Facultat de Farmàcia, Av. Joan XXIII 27-31
08028 Barcelona, Spain


Group members

  • Rubén Alcázar |

Group Leader
University of Barcelona

Short CV: - Degree in Pharmacology by the University of Barcelona (1994-1999).
- Undergraduate research student at laboratory of Plant Physiology, University of Barcelona (1995-1998).
- PhD in Plant Biology (Natural Products, Plant Biology and Soil Science) University of Barcelona (2000-2004).
- Postdoc at Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding Research (2006-2012). Department of Plant Breeding and Genetics. Groups of Dr. Matthieu Reymond, Prof. Maarten Koornneef and Prof. Jane Parker.
- Ramón y Cajal researcher at University of Barcelona (2012-currently).

  • Kostadin E. Atanasov

Kosta is performing GWAS and studies naturally occurring genetic variation of stress tolerance traits.
Areas of expertise: analytics, proteomics.

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