Alex A. Cardenas Week 14

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(Electronic Notebook)
(Electronic Notebook)
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*#High-affinity iron ion transport
*#High-affinity iron ion transport
*#Extracellular region
*#Extracellular region
*#Membrane Part
*#Protein complex binding
*#Protein complex binding
*#Immunoglobin binding
*#Immunoglobin binding

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Electronic Notebook

  • Computed the averages for A,B, and C along with multiplying all the c3/c5 by negative 1.
  • Worked through the protocall and computed the Tstat values and the Pvalues along with changing some of the columns and rows.
  • Filtered out the Pvalue column to find how many genes Pvalues were less than 0.05, 0.01, and 0.001.
    • Pvalue < 0.05 - 680 genes.
    • Pvalue < 0.01 - 228 genes.
    • Pvalue < 0.001 - 26 genes.
  • The new spreadsheet can be found here.
  • More modified spreadsheet can be found here.
  • When making the geneMAPP, there were 132 errors found but this is insignificant because this is out of 2740 genes.
  • geneMAPP excel file can be found here. The text file for geneMAPP can be found here.
  • We looked at the top 10 genes with the lowest Pvalues, and the excel file can be found here.
  • We also looked at the top 10 Gene Ontology terms and those can be found below.
    1. Pathogenesis
    2. Multi-organism process
    3. External encapsulating structure
    4. High-affinity iron ion transport
    5. Extracellular region
    6. Membrane Part
    7. Protein complex binding
    8. Immunoglobin binding
    9. Respiratory chain
    10. Periplasmic space


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