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Contact Information

  • ETH Zurich

     Department of Chemistry and Applied Biosciences
     Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences / Pharmacogenomics Unit
     Wolfgang Pauli-Strasse 10
     8093 Zurich
     Google Maps link


  • 12-2011: Molecular Life Sciences, Ph.D., ETH Zurich, Switzerland
  • 03-2007: Medical Biochemistry, M.Sc., University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • 07-2004: Molecular Biotechnology, B.Sc., Technical University of Munich, Germany


Profound knowledge of gene regulatory systems and networks with a particular focus on post-transcriptional gene regulation; strong background in biochemistry, molecular biology, cell biology; familiarity with bioinformatics and biotechnology concepts and methods

Current position

I am a grad student in the Gerber Lab at the ETH Zurich, working on post-transcriptional gene regulation, and was recruited through the Molecular Life Sciences program of the Life Science Zurich Graduate School.

Tentative title of the project: "Systematic Analysis of the Crosstalk between Regulatory RNA-Binding Proteins and the MicroRNA Machinery".

I am an initiator of the RNA Club Zurich and the (currently defunct) Zurich-based "Web Utilities and Software Seminar". Furthermore I maintain the web presence of the Gerber Lab (currently moving to the UK).

Previous labs

  • 2004-2005 - Seppen Lab, AMC Liver Center, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands: "Lentiviral Gene Transfer of Chemically Inducible Hepatocyte Growth Factor Receptor and Liver Re-Targeting of Lentiviral Particles" / Supervisors: Dr. Jurgen Seppen, Prof. Ronald P.J. Oude-Elferink
  • 2004 - Skerra Lab, Institute of Biological Chemistry, Technical University of Munich, Germany: "Production and characterization of the enzymatically active domain of the endolysine Ply500 isolated from Listeria monocytogenes-bacteriophage A 500" / Supervisors: Dr. Ingo P. Korndörfer, Prof. Arne Skerra



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All Medline abstracts: PubMed HubMed

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