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Doctorate Degree (PhD), Sarinder Kaur Kashmir Singh, Model driven database integration system for retrieval of biodiversity information, 2003/2004

Master Degree, Kholis Abdurachim Audah, Construction of Escherichia coli arginine repressor fusion protein and analysis of its function in Xer site-specific recombination, 1997/1998

Master Degree, Mohamad F. Tawfiq, Biodegradatiom of the low molecular weight polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon naphthalene by bacteria isolated from a petroleum-contaminated soil, 1998/1999

Master Degree, Azizah Mohd Asi, Molecular modeling studies of C-terminal arginine repressor protein (ArgRc) interaction with its co-repressor, L-arginine, 1998/1999

Master Degree, Rowyna Kueh Boon Lan, Interactions of C-terminal domain of Escherichia coli arginine repressor protein (ArgRc) with L-arginine and its structural analogue, 2001/2002

Master Degree, Noor Faizul Hadry Nordin, Molecular biological analysis of hydrocarbon degraders from oily waste polluted sites, 2001/2002

Master Degree, Mohamad Ridzuan Kamaruddin, Evaluation and optimization of extraction and purification methods for obtaining PCR-amplifiable DNA from mangrove soil for studies in microbial ecology, 2001/2002

Master Degree, Mak Yoke Lai, Classification of lichen species using Artificial Neural Networks, 2003/2004

Master Degree, Shahrizim Zulkifly, Distribution of lichen flora at different altitudes of Gunung Machincang, Langkawi Island, Malaysia, 2003/2004

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