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(Things you should know)
(Things you should know)
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[[Arking:JCAOligoTutorial9 | The Critical Path]]
[[Arking:JCAOligoTutorial19 | The Critical Path]]

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Basic Cloning and Biobrick Assembly Tutorial

Introduction to Biobricks and Basic Cloning

This tutorial is best used in conjunction with the sequence editor ApE. Read the section about ApE for a description of how to install it.

Installing ApE

Overview of Cloning

Introduction to Biobricks

Introduction to Refactoring

Experimental Design

Basic Oligo Design

Special Case: Single Internal Restriction Sites

Design of composite parts

Keeping track of construction files

Sequencing Analysis

Experimental Implementation

Implementing the Basic Construction File

DBBS Composite Part Assembly

Things you should know

Common Pitfalls and Tips

Origins of replication

The Critical Path

To Be Added

If you have any comments or want to report a potential error in the tutorial, please email me (Chris Anderson) at

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