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'''Writing Instructor:''' Neal Lerner<br>
'''Writing Instructor:''' Neal Lerner<br>
'''Oral Presentation Instructor:''' Atissa Banuazizi  
'''Oral Presentation Instructor:''' [[User:Atissa | Atissa Banuazizi]]
'''TAs:''' [[Maria Foley]], [[Eileen Higham]], [[Yoon Sung Nam]] and [[Reshma Shetty]]
'''TAs:''' [[Maria Foley]], [[Eileen Higham]], [[Yoon Sung Nam]] and [[Reshma Shetty]]

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BE.109 Laboratory Fundamentals of Biological Engineering

Image:BE LongImage-1.jpg

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DNA engineering        Protein engineering        Systems engineering        Bio-material engineering       

Spring 2006

Instructors: Angela Belcher, Drew Endy, Bevin Engelward and Natalie Kuldell

Writing Instructor: Neal Lerner
Oral Presentation Instructor: Atissa Banuazizi

TAs: Maria Foley, Eileen Higham, Yoon Sung Nam and Reshma Shetty

Lecture: T/R 11-12 (13-3101) Lab: T/R 1-5 or W/F 1-5 (13-3095)

Welcome to BE109! For many of you this will be the first time in a research lab and for others it will not, but it is our goal to make this class a useful and fun introduction to experiments and techniques in biological engineering. There is not time enough to show you everything you’ll need to know if you go on to do research, but after taking this class you should feel confident and familiar with some fundamental experimental approaches and lab protocols. You will develop good habits at the bench, ones that will increase the likelihood of success in your work and insure the health and safety of you and those around you. By the end of the semester, you should also be aware of good scientific practice, having had some experience with report writing, notebook keeping and publicly presenting your data. All of us involved in teaching BE.109 hope you will find it a satisfying challenge and an exciting experience that has lasting value.


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