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<h3><font color=#2D9258>Information</font></h3>
<h3><font color=#2D9258>Information</font></h3>
[[BE Board:Calendar|Calendar]]<br>
[[BE Board:Calendar|Calendar]]<br>
[[BE Board:Funding|Funding]]<br>
[[BE Board:Links|Links]]<br>
[[BE Board:Links|Links]]<br>
[[BE Board:Meetings|Meetings]]<br>
[[BE Board:Meetings|Meetings]]<br>
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<h3><font color=#2D9258>Discussion Forum</font></h3>
<h3><font color=#2D9258>Discussion Forum</font></h3>
[[BE Board:New event fund|New event fund]]<br>
[[BE Board:New event fund|New event fund]]<br>

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Discussion Forum

New event fund
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BE Retreat Discussions

Welcome to the BE Board's new site. With a wiki back-end, we hope this new site will improve communication within the board as well as with the MIT BE graduate student population. See our old website here, we are in the process of moving the last of the content from that site to this one.

Recent announcements

  • 11/28/05 - The next talk in the BE Industrial Seminar Series is this Friday, Dec. 2nd - see details here.
  • 11/28/05 - Our next meeting is next Thursday, Dec. 8th. at 12pm in TBA. See the agenda here.
  • 11/28/05 - We have a winner - Brian Cook and design 4A wins the shirt competition.
  • 11/10/05 - New designs for BE intramural shirts have been posted - take a look!
  • 10/31/05 - The coordinators are attempting to document what they do at various times of the year so that in future years there will be a blueprint available for board coordinators suggesting what they should do again and what they shouldn't do again!
  • 10/31/05 - Our next meeting is this Thursday, Nov. 3rd. at 12pm in 56-614. See the agenda here.
  • 10/15/05 - We just presented student feedback about the graduate program at the faculty retreat, see the presentation here. Thanks to all those who contributed to the this feedback. Expect feedback on how this went very soon!
  • Welcome to the incoming BE students! Enjoy all the Orientation events!
  • Congratulations to the newly elected 2005-2006 Biological Engineering Graduate Student Board!
  • Would you like to get involved in organizing one of the BE Board events? Volunteers are welcome at any point, just contact us (as a group, or personally).

Goals of the BE Board

  • Represent student views and interests to the faculty and the Institute.
  • Take appropriate actions to ensure student views and interests are respected by the Division.
  • Maintain and improve graduate student life within the Division.
  • Act as liaisons between the students, faculty, administration, and the Institute.
  • Promote the unification of the Division through social events, academics, and outreach.
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