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[[BE_Board:Brian_Belmont|Brian Belmont]] & [[Steve Goldfless]]
[[BE_Board:Deepak_Mishra|Deepak_Mishra]] <br />
[[ be-athletic]]

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For current website see


The Athletic Chairs:

  • advertise available IM sports to BE students and faculty
  • organize teams for the sports where interest exists (~10 teams per year)
  • find captains for each team (you do NOT have to play or captain if you don't want to)
  • represent BE at the IM sports affiliation meetings once per semester
  • ensure necessary equipment and jerseys are bought for BE IM teams
  • oversee equipment storage and enable captains' access to storage equipment
  • manage the BE IM sports finances

Current Activities

See this page for activities we have underway at the moment.



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