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[[BE_Board:Kristin_Bernick | Kristin Bernick]], [[BE_Board:Ranjani_Krishnan | Ranjani Krishnan]], [[BE_Board:Christopher_Pirie | Chris Pirie]]
[[BE_Board:Jennifer_Wilson | Jenn Wilson]], [[BE_Board:Jennifer_Brophy | Jen Brophy]], [[BE_Board:Nina_Lee | Nina Lee]]

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The Social Chairs plan and organize social events such as the monthly TGIFs. They help the administration to organize Department-organized events like BBQs and the Holiday Party.

Past Activities

  • September TGIF - Flat Top Johnny's for pool, drinks, appetizers
  • BE Fall BBQ/Social (around Halloween)
  • October TGIF - Sam Adams Brewery Tour with Al Grodzinsky
  • November TGIF - BE Game Night
  • BE Holiday Party
  • Ski trip
  • Bowling TGIF
  • IAP Wine & Cheese Tasting (January)
  • Summer Softball BBQ (June)
  • Sailing TGIF/BBQ (July)
  • BE/ChemE BBQ (August)
  • Harbor cruise
  • Pizza & Pitchers TGIF @ Thirsty Ear
  • Schering Plough sponsored TGIF w/ Pizza @ the R&D Pub (May)

You can read more about these here.


Jenn Wilson, Jen Brophy, Nina Lee

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