BIOL398-01/S11:Class Journal Week 12

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Class Responses

Sarah Carratt's Journal Entry

Carmen E. Castaneda's Journal Entry

James C. Clements' Journal Entry

Nicholas A. Rohacz's Journal Entry

Alondra Vega's Journal Entry

  1. The most easy thing about the assignment was working with STEM.
  2. The most challenging was choosing the transcription factor and figuring out why it is important to cold shock. Also, I was never able to get the matrix to work.
  3. I feel that I do not understand the p values and why we need all the different ones. Also, I am having trouble seeing the "big picture" for the project.
  4. I will give this a try. The individual p values show how significant the expression of the gene was at a certain time point. The p-value per profile shows how significant the the expression of the cluster. Since the cluster are categorized by pathway or regulation of transcription factor, then it might show how significant the transcription factors are. the p value for the Go terms show the significance of the expression of the genes that are associated in that particular category.

Alondra Vega 23:28, 11 April 2011 (EDT)

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