BIOL398-03/S13:Class Journal Week 9

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Laura Terada Week 3 Journal

Laura Terada


  1. What aspect of this assignment came most easily to you?
    • Doing the basic excel functions came the easiest to me (ex: average, stdev).
  2. What aspect of this assignment was the most challenging for you?
    • The most challenging part was in the sanity check section where we had to use all the filters, since I have never used that feature before.
  3. What (yet) do you not understand?
    • Nothing- the assignment was pretty straightforward!
  4. Does "crunching" the data yourself help you to understand microarray experiments better? Why or why not?
    • It doesn't help me to understand the experiment better, but it also doesn't NOT help me. I understood microarray experiments before this assignment; however, I suppose this helps me in developing the skills needed to deal with raw data.

Laura Terada 14:20, 2 April 2013 (EDT)

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