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(Microbiology Protocols)
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(Microbiology Protocols)
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Wellesley College-BISC 209 Microbiology -Spring 2010

Microbiology Protocols

Agar Overlay (Pour) Plates
Aseptic Transfer: Making Slants, Broth to Broth or Plate Transfer
Calibration of Micropipets
Carbohydrate Fermentation Medium
Enrichment Media for Soil Bacterial from Mixed Populations
Enterotube Protocol
Enzyme tests
Gram Stain
Microscopy: Care and Use of the Compound Brightfield Microscope
Motility Tests
Pouring Media To Make Solid Agar Plates
Rhizobium isolation from soil
Serial Dilution
Simple Stains
Smear Slide Preparation
Recipes for test medium and reagents

Stock cultures
Stains (Special): Endospore, Acid fast, Capsule, and Flagella
Streaking for Isolation
Tests to determine the role of a soil isolate
Use of Selective, Differential, Enrichment Media

Wet Mount procedure

Links to Labs

Lab 1
Lab 2
Lab 3
Lab 4
Lab 5
Lab 6
Lab 7
Lab 8
Lab 9
Lab 10

Lab 12
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