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Graded Assignments

Lab Due Assignment
Point Value
(Total 200)
Every Week Pre-Lab Quiz - Complete the pre-lab quiz prior to coming to lab each week. The pre-lab quiz will be available 3 days before lab and closes at the start of lab each week. No late quizzes are allowed and there are no make-ups. 18
1- 2
This assignment is described at: Project 1 Assignment 12.5
Lab 3 Read Background information on your Series 2 Forward Genetics Project at Forward Genetics Project Summary. The assignment is described at: Assignment Series 2 Summary & Linkage Testing Description. 10
Lab 4 The Data Analysis (results section) on Project 1 is described at BISC219/F13: Assignment Help- Data Analysis 1 Autosomal vs. Sex linked inheritance
Lab 5 Assignment information and rubric found at: BISC219/F13: Assignment_Series2_Complementation 10
Lab 6 Assignment information and rubric found at: BISC219/F13: Assignment_Series2_Mapping Crosses. 5
Lab 7 Assignment information and rubric found at: BISC219/F13: Assignment_Series2_DNA Sequencing 10
Lab 8-9
See Calendar
for your lab section's due date
Scientific Research Report on Series2 work Classical (Forward) Genetics. Assignment information found at BISC219/F13: Assignment_ Series2_Classical Genetics Paper
Lab 10 Answer questions fully explaining concepts associated with Project 3. Questions and guidance for answering them found at Series 3 Theory Questions 25
Last Day of Classes
Tues. Dec. 10
Construct figures/tables with properly formatted legends to illustrate the main findings of your Series3 project to be included in a narrative results section describing your goals, findings and conclusions. Assignment information found at BISC219/F13: Assignment_Series3_Reverse Genetics using RNAi 32
Other Exit Assessment participation. See Sakai Announcement for link and for instructions on how to receive your survey completion points (2.5). 2.5

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