BISC220/S10: Lecture Syllabus

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Wellesley College     BISC 220     Cellular Physiology

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BISC220 Cell Physiology

Lecturer: Jennifer Hood-DeGrenier
Lab Instructor: Melissa Beers
Lab Prep : Padma Kannabiran
Study Group Leader/ Course Peer Mentor:

Contact Info:
Jennifer Hood-DeGrenier: Office SC376A ; office phone x3313; email:
Office Hours: TBA

Melissa Beers: Office SC175; office phone X3521; email:
Office Hours: by arrangement

Lectures: Tuesdays & Fridays 11:10-12:20, SCI377
Labs: : Tues. 12:30-4; Wed. 2:15-5:45; Thurs. 1-4:30;

Reference material for lecture:

Reference material for labs: The lab manual is published electronically at:
Additional lab resource material is posted to the First Class lab conferences for BISC220

Lecture Exams:

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