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Wellesley College BISC 219 Genetics

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BISC219 Genetics Fall 2009

Lecturers: Andrea Sequeira (AS) & Andrew Webb (ACW)
Lab Instructors: Melissa Beers, Tucker Crum, Andrea Sequeira
Lab Prep : Padma Kannabiran; Sherly Veeraragavan
Study Group Leader/ Course Peer Mentor: Christie Sze

Contact Info: Andrea Sequeira: Office SC354 ; office phone x3376; email:
Office Hours: TBA

Drew Webb: Office SC252; office phone X3115; email:
Office Hours: TBA

Melissa Beers: Office SC175; office phone X3521; email:
Office Hours: by arrangement

Tucker Crum: Office SC395; office phone x3122; email:
Office Hours: By arrangement

Christie Sze:
Group review and help sessions: TBA. For scheduling, refer to the “Help” sub-conference on the BISC219 First Class conference

Lectures: Tuesdays & Fridays 11:10-12:20, SCI377
Labs: E301: Mon. 1:30-5 Beers; Tues. 12:30-4 Beers; Wed. 2:15-5:45 Crum; Thurs. 1-4:30 Beers; Fri. 1-4:30 Sequeira

Reference material for lecture: Please check the course web-site at and the course First Class BISC219 conference.
No required text: any Genetics textbook published after 2002-03 can be used as an optional useful resource.

Reference material for labs: The lab manual is published electronically at:
Additional lab resource material is available at the course web-site at and posted to the First Class lab conferences for BISC219

Lecture Exams: I Friday October 9th
                         II Friday December 4th

Final Exam:Exam week (Self scheduled)

Grading: Assessment Points
Lecture I 100
Lecture II 100
Problem Sets- Sect. I <&nbrsp;&nbrsp;>50
Problem- Sect. II <&nbrsp;&nbrsp;>30
Final Exam 120
Lab Grade 200
Total 600

Lecture Schedule BISC219 Genetics Fall 2009

N.B. Material covered on Oct 2nd through 19th and Nov 27th through Dec. 11th will be on the final exam.
PS stands for Problem set, those are due at the beginning of lecture.
ACW= Drew Webb; AS= Andrea Sequeira

Date Lecturer Topic
Tues. Sept. 8 AS Mendelian genetics, law of segregation and the inheritance of single sex differences, sex determination and chromosomal numbers
Fri. Sept 11 AS Mendelian genetics, law of independent assortment, recombination in Eukaryotes I
Tue. Sept. 15 AS Recombination in Eukaryotes II-PS I Due
Fri. Sept. 18 AS Recombination in bacteria and their viruses
Tue. Sept. 22 AS DNA mutation and repair - PS II Due
Fri. Sept. 25 AS Chromosome mutations
Tue. Sept. 29 AS Gene and allele interactions I - PS III Due
Fri. Oct. 2 AS Gene and allele interactions II
Tue. Oct. 6 AS Population genetics I
Tue. Oct. 13 AS Population genetics II
Fri. Oct. 16 AS Evolutionary Genetics I - PS IV Due
Tue. Oct. 20 AS Evolutionary Genetics II
Fri. Oct. 23 ACW Introduction & Review of Modern Genetics
Tue. Oct. 27 ACW Control of Eukaryotic Gene Expression - Strategies
Fri. Oct. 30 ACW Control of Gene Expression - Pre-transcription & Epigenetics
Tue. Nov. 3 ACW Tanner Conference-NO CLASS!!
Fri. Nov. 6 ACW Control of Gene Expression - Transcription I
Tue. Nov. 10 ACW Control of Gene Expression - Transcription II
Fri. Nov. 13 ACW Control of Gene Expression - Post-transcription
Tue. Nov. 17 ACW Control of Gene Expression - Post-transcription II
Fri. Nov. 20 ACW Control of Gene Expression - Nucleo-cytoplasmic Transport
Tue. Nov. 24 ACW Control of Gene Expression – Translation. Take home problem Due
Fri. Nov. 27 ACW Thanksgiving Break-No Class!!
Tue. Dec. 1 ACW Control of Gene Expression - Post-translation
Tue. Dec. 8 ACW Genetic Basis of Cancer I
Fri. Dec. 11 ACW Genetic Basis of Cancer II
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