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BMCB625 Advanced Topics in Molecular Biology

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This week's tasks:

Attend Karlene Cimprich's talk (BMB seminar Tuesday)
Send out invitations to faculty for your individual talks and post acceptance so we can get a bigger room if needed
Post your slides after you give your presentation (see section on posting slides)
Don't forget the "Universal Slide Template" and the "BMB Seminar Series WIki Header" challenges
The Course Discussion Page is ready for you to populate


Course overview

  • Location: BRB 603. Wednesdays from 9:30 - 11:30 (practice and review session) and Thursdays (The Real Thang) from 10:30 - 12:30
  • How the Class Works

Advanced Molecular Biology: Topics and Methods in Modern Molecular Biology. An advanced graduate course with an emphasis on the latest research from the primary literature along with in-depth presentation of the basic concepts of biochemistry and molecular biology. Topics will be chosen from areas of expertise in the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology faculty. Topics will include properties of nucleotides and nucleic acids, the composition and structure of eukaryotic chromatin, eukaryotic gene expression, DNA replication, RNA transcription, RNA splicing and metabolism, and protein translation.

This class is not a faculty-driven lecture class, but is based on student presentations of background material and research papers selected from the current literature. It is designed to maximize active roles for students in each class.

Goals of the Class

  1. encourage students to sieze every avaliable resource for sifting and apprehending scientific matter (e.g., Nature podcasts, RSS feeds, faculty, each other)
  2. develop an appreciation for the molecular machines that duplicate nucleic acids
  3. get familiar with collaborative web-based tools (OWW and wiki)
  4. create ambassadors for open science
  5. improve presentation skills, both in form and scientific content
  6. engage in active group-based learning
  7. gain leadership and organizational experience


  • A picture is needed for the BMB seminar series wiki banner jpg. A combo picture ala Jon Fay/Larry user page would be nice, except with a theme of molecular medicine (next year's theme) and maybe including some local color. If anyone is up to the challenge, please post an example link on your user page.


Nice Hints on Talks

Recent updates to the course

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