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BME103 Introduction to Biomedical Engineering - Lab Part II
Learning Objectives: Students should leave this unit equipped with a theoretical understanding of how to detect DNA biomarkers and the relevance of this technology to human healthcare. Emphasis will be on good lab/experimental controls and the collection of statistically valid measurements. Students will also understand how commonly used lab devices function, and explore the recent efforts to simplify experiments and to lower costs. At the end of the section, students will explore creative new biosensor designs based on PCR and fluorescent imaging.


1. Create an OpenWetWare account: Fill out the form at OpenWetWare:How to join
2. Edit your personal page: add the content that you are assigned
3. Edit your team's wiki: Find your group's Wiki template in the Course Projects section. There are further instructions there. Be creative and have fun editing!

Most of the materials for our course are shared via Blackboard at ASU. The key feature of this OWW wiki is the Course Projects section, where BME103 subgroups create their own theoretical synthetic biology project (al la iGEM). A couple of the in-house built tools we used to measure the performance of a GFP switch are featured in the Course Materials section. If you'd like to obtain more course materials, please contact the instructors (see People).

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