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<!--Replace the words "Project Title" with your group's project title-->
<!--Replace the words "Project Title" with your group's project title-->
* [[BME494s2013_Project_Team1|Team 1 - Project Title]]
* [[BME494s2013_Project_Team1|Team 1 - Sweet Cyan]]
* [[BME494s2013_Project_Team2|Team 2 - Project Title]]
* [[BME494s2013_Project_Team2|Team 2 - The Green Screen]]
* [[BME494s2013_Project_Team3|Team 3 - Project Title]]
* [[BME494s2013_Project_Team3|Team 3 - Mean Green]]

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  • First, click the edit tab at the top of this page, find the line that reads Replace the words "Project Title" with your group's project title, look for your group's link (within double brackets), and replace your group's "Project Title" with the title of your project. Click Save Page.
  • You should now see that the name of the link has changed.
  • Go to the BME494 Project Wiki Template page, click the edit tab at the top, and select & copy all of the text in the editing field.
  • Come back to the Course Projects page and click on your group's project link. You should see a message that says You have followed a link to a page that does not exist yet.
  • To create the page, just paste the text that you copied into the editing field. Click Save Page.
  • Follow the instructions within the comment tags <!-- Instructions --> in order to complete your project page.
  • Visit the Wiki Editing Help page for help with editing your wiki page.
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