Bacterial species identification

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PMID 1987160

PMID 2095137

PMID 14967233

Mycoplasma universal primers

Johansson K-E, Characterization of mycoplasmas by PCR and sequence analysis iwth universal 16S rDNA primers, Chapter 18, Mycoplasma Protocols, 1998.

U1F 12-27 ttg atc ctg gct cag gay daa cg

U2F 327-348 cca rac tcc tac ggr agg c

U3R 512-527 att acc gcg gck gct g

U4F 792-810 gta gtc cac gcc gta aac g

U5R 902-924 ctt gtg cgg gyy ccc gtc aa

U6F 1154-1172 gag gaa ggy grg gay gay g

U7R 1359-1374 aca agr ccc gag aac g

U8R 1502-1524 gaa agg agg trw tcc ayc csc ac

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