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Research Interests

Our Research Interests are rooted in the fields of:

Protein Engineering and Metabolic Engineering

The overall research goal of the Banta Lab is to use the techniques from these areas to create new solutions and enabling technologies for a variety of important applications.

We have many ongoing projects in the lab, and you can follow these links to learn more about our current research activities.

Bifunctional Proteinaceous Hydrogels for Bioelectrocatalysis

Novel Peptides for Targeted Drug Delivery

Evolving the Beta Roll Domain for Regulated Molecular Recognition

Altering the Substrate and Cofactor Specificities of a Dehydrogenase

Evolving Peptides for Molecular Recognition

Engineering Enzymatic Biosensors

Characterization of the Consequences of Protein Adsorption

Protein Engineering and Metabolic Modeling of Biofuel Cells

Engineering of Conformational Changes in Peptides

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