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Christoph Neyer 23:40, 6 June 2010 (EDT)

We were checking to see if the basic parts we started with were correctly transferred into the assembly vectors.

Sequence Part Part Analysis
iGEM0019 with 11 pMLL9CA-Bjh1906perfect
iGEM0029 with 23 pMLL9CAB10sbb42perfect
iGEM0036 with 2 pMLL6- B10sbb09perfect
iGEM0046 with 11 Bjh1906perfect
iGEM0056 with 12 B10sbb19perfect
iGEM0067 with 2 B10sbb09perfect
iGEM0077 with 11 Bjh1906perfect
iGEM0085 with 3 Bjh1858perfect
iGEM0095 with 15 B10sbb16perfect
iGEM0105 with 23 B10sbb42perfect
iGEM0118 with 1 B10sbb08perfect
iGEM0124 with 16 B10sbb15perfect
iGEM0139 with 3 Bjh1858perfect
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