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Welcome to the Microbial Ecology group at Uppsala University

Fieldwork in Mosquito-land


  • 21/12/07 - Lab shut down for Holidays. Back January 2008!
  • 20/12/07 - Time to sign up for PhD course in Microbial Diversity at Uppsala University![1]
  • 17/12/07 - Group website launched on OpenWetWare
  • 12/12/07 - Friederike says hi from the Swedish/US Oden 2007/2008 expedition to the Amundsen Sea. Lots of ice, penguins and exciting samples to be analyzed for archaea, alpha-proteobacteria and diazotrophs upon return to Sweden in January


The Microbial Ecology group is part of the Limnology program at the Department of Ecology & Evolution, EBC, Uppsala University. The research carried out in the group is focused on understanding the roles of microorganisms in aquatic food-webs and biogeochemical cycles. We address the role of microbial diversity in controlling processes at the community and ecosystem-level using an array of culture-independent molecular methods. We also design and perform laboratory and field experiments to address these questions and our continued research aims at revealing relationships between function and identity at the level of individuals, populations and communities.

Selected publications

Bertilsson, S., Eiler, A., Nordqvist, A., and N.O.G. Jørgensen. 2007. Links between bacterial production, amino acid utilization and community composition in productive lakes. ISME Journal 1:532-544

Eiler, A., and S. Bertilsson. 2007. Flavobacteria blooms in four productive lakes: Linking population dynamics of freshwater bacterioplankton to resource availability. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 73:3511-3518

Polymenakou, P., Tselepides, A., Stephanou., E., and S. Bertilsson. 2007. Organic Matter Preservation and microbial community accumulations in deep-hypersaline anoxic basins. Geomicrobiology Journal 24:19-29

Eiler, A., Johansson, M., and S. Bertilsson. 2006. Environmental influences on Vibrio populations in northern temperate and boreal coastal waters (Baltic and Skagerrak Sea). Applied and Environmental Microbiology 72:6004-6011

Jarvius, J., Melin, J., Göransson, J., Stenberg, J., Fredriksson, S., Gonzalez-Rey, C., Bertilsson, S., and M. Nilsson. 2006. Digital quantification using amplified single molecule detection. Nature Methods 3:725-727

Recent updates to the lab wiki

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