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News and Coming Events

BioAIMS November Meeting with ChaRandle Jordan

When: Thursday 11/18/10 @ 5:30pm

Where: LKSC 306

Why: Please join us in a career development talk with ChaRandle Jordan, a founding member of BioAIMS and graduate of the Genetics program. ChaRandle is now a Analyst at Essex Woodlands Health Ventures here in Palo Alto. Come learn about his experience in Venture Capital. ChaRandle Jordan (or CJ) earned a PhD in Genetics in 2008. He was in the lab of Uta Francke and participated in the Genome Training Grant program with Rick Myers, Stuart Kim and Arend Sidow. In addition, he earned an MD. Since graduation, he has worked at a venture capital firm in Palo Alto. **Food served**

BBiosciences and Genetics Diversity Retreat

When: Friday, January 21st 7pm - Saturday, January 22nd 7pm

Where: Monte Toyon (near Santa Cruz)

Why: PLANNING: We need your input to make this as fun and useful as possible. If you want to be part of the planning committee to determine the agenda/activities, speakers, content, etc for the retreat, please contact Anita Blanco ( or Antonia Dominguez (

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