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The purpose of BioAIMS is to address the needs and concerns of current minority graduate students in the biosciences. We are committed to promote a supportive community and to enrich the opportunities available for minority students pursuing an advanced degree in science.

Hi members of BioAIMS (and guests),

I am trying to brainstorm ideas about how to put together this website so that it is as helpful as possible for current grad students, postdocs, and prospective students as possible. I decided to adopt the mediawiki format because it is very easy to edit/update and flexible in terms of what features you can add to a webpage (and I've become very familiar with it). One other great thing about it is that like Wikipedia, anyone can contribute to it without very much prior knowledge about how mediawiki works.

I need to go to bed now, but will post more on what I need help on and other cool ideas that I've been thinking about for the website soon. Thanks.

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