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===Discussion Points===
===Discussion Points===
* fill in your contribution here by Thursday afternoon:
* fill in your contribution here by Thursday afternoon:

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Best of 2006-2007

Best of 2007-2008

Past Reading




Next meeting

  • Currently scheduled for Friday, 1/12 at 9am.

Scheduling: same time?

  • Does Friday at 9am still work for everyone? If not, lets use this space to work out a new time:

Format: Discussion Points?

  • Is anyone interested in trying a slightly new format? Instead of posing a question this week, each person reads the paper and responds with a discussion point for our weekly meeting. By discussion point, I mean a short, interesting thought or question, with the intention of promoting a discussion on the topic. We did this in one of Winfree's courses, and it worked really well. Post your discussion point here on or before Thursday afternoon, and we can all take a look at what has been posted thursday evening, and think them over before our meeting.
    • Comments:


During the Engineering Principles in Bio conference at Cold Springs (which a few of us were at back in December), Uri Alon's name came up quite a bit, so it seems appropriate to do one of his papers. Here is an interesting one on the connection between fitness and regulatory mechanism, though if anyone has any other favorites, go ahead and post them here too.

  1. Shinar G, Dekel E, Tlusty T, and Alon U. . pmid:16537475. PubMed HubMed [Alon_PNAS_2006]

Discussion Points

  • fill in your contribution here by Thursday afternoon:
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