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The Agilent 2100 BioAnalyzer allows rigorous quantification of small samples of DNA, RNA, and Protein. In addition, the bioanalyzer is able to preform flow cytometry on small numbers of cells. Most samples submitted for analysis on the BioAnalyzer can be processed within 24 hours.



The DNA and RNA chips preform gel electrophoresis on samples as small as 1ul with rigorous quantification.


DNA - How it works (Agilent)

DNA arrays come in three size ranges:

  • 25bp - 1,000bp
  • 100bp - 7,500bp
  • 100bp - 12,000bp

Please make sure to specify which size range you are interested in when you drop off your samples.


RNA - Analysis Specifications (Agilent)

RNA arrays are segregated by the concentration of RNA used and the type of RNAs being analyzed

  • Standard RNA: 25-500 ng/ul total RNA
  • High Sensitivity: 0.05-5 ng/ul total RNA
  • small RNA: 0.05-2 ng/ul miRNAs


Tired of playing with Coomassie Blue? We can run your protein samples on the BioAnalyzer too -- and make pretty pictures! Even down to the level of sensitivity of silver stains - and quantify your bands to boot! All with only 5ul of sample.

Information from Agilent: Protein - How it works (Agilent)

   Protein arrays    Protein Weight    Sensitivity
   * Protein 80         5kD- 80kD          60ng/ul
   * Protein 230       14kD-230kD          30ng/ul
   * High Sensitivity  10kD-250kD         0.3ng/ul


In addition to quantification of Nucleic Acid, the BioAnalyzer is capable of preforming simple two color flow cytometry assays. In brief, six samples each 10 µl with 20,000 prestained cells are loaded onto the chip and the fluorescence intensities in two channels for about 750 single cells per sample are measured within 25 minutes.

Information from Agilent: Cells - How it works (Agilent)


    Sample Type         Price
    --------------      ---------------
    DNA                 $10  per sample
    RNA                 $10  per sample
    small RNA           $20  per sample
    Protein             $10  per sample
    High Sens. Ptn      $25  per sample
    Flow Cytometry      $20  per sample


Download the BioAnalyzer form FORMS

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