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The BioMicroCenter Public Servers is a service offered by the Center. The servers provided low cost server based storage for labs and facilities at MIT accessible from Linux, Windows and Macintosh operating systems. This server is operated on annual fee basis of $400 per terabyte. Details about the servers are:

  • 16 TB Thinkmate server.
  • 2-QUAD Core Intel Xeon E5420-2.5Ghz CPU with 32 GB RAM
  • The system runs Red Hat Enterprize Linux 5.3-5.5 supported in a RAID 1 configuration (mirrored)
  • The data partition is configured in a RAID 6 configuration with a "hot spare".
  • The device supports SMB, CIFS, and SSH connections from the MIT campus. VPN to MIT is required to access the server from off campus.
  • Backed up by MIT's TSM service
  • Machine administration by the Biomicro Center.


  • This computer is not designed for heavy computation!
  • Use is offered and limited that of a storage server.
  • Computational processes may be terminated without notice.
  • The server is currently in use for over 3 years. Eleven labs are using the model today. There are a total of six servers of this type is use today offering over 35 TB of space to the community.



The public server is being offered to provide a service to the community. A cost recovery strategy is being employed to fund the investment.

  • The yearly lease cost for one terabyte is $500.00 per year.
  • The volumes can be dynamically increased to allow for increase space inside the existing file structure.

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