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Boreal Aurora

The Boreal is at MIT under a trial agreement. It will not remain at MIT unless there is sufficient demand for its services
The Boreal Aurora system is a DNA/RNA purification system designed to remove contaminants and concentrate DNA & RNA samples. The Aurora system claims 100x contamination reduction and up to 100x sample concentration. The Aurora takes 4h-1d to run and can process samples between 300bp and 1.1Mbp of DNA and 500bp to 1.1Mbp for RNA.

Possible Applications

  • Ultra-high-MW DNA from cell culture / agarose plugs
  • purification from low copy number bacterial samples


The Boreal Aurora works using "synchronous coefficient of drag alteration" or SCODA. SCODA uses a linear electric field to remove contaminants and a rotating electric field to concentrate charged molecules in a centeral buffer well.


Samples must be very low salt to be successful and within the size range of the machine (300bp-1.1Mbp). The machine can only handle one sample at a time so has quite limited throughput.

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