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You will be notified by email that your data is ready. The data will be placed on our server for you the download.


Macintosh Application


  • Samples can be copied from our servers using scp

Direct Mount

Illumina data is also made available by direct mount for users on the MIT campus or who are running VPN. Instructions are at BMCPub_Download

Accessing the server

Your user name and password will be included in the email. To obtain your data, enter the following in your client:

 user:       provided in email      
 Password:   provided in email

Please contact Stephen Goldman if you have difficulty obtaining your data.


Do you take samples from outside MIT?

The BioMicro Center is built to serve the MIT community. As such, members of the MIT community have priority on all of our services. However, if we have extra capacity, we are happy to make is available scientists not affiliated with MIT provided they understand that MIT samples *always* have priority and that access is finite. The BioMicro Center retains the right to refuse any sample.

How can we ship samples to you?

Please email to arrange a drop off date and time. DNA samples should be shipped at 4C and RNA samples should be shipped on dry ice.Samples should be submitted with a completed order form and shipped by overnight delivery to:

 MIT BioMicro Center
 31 Ames Street, Building 68-316
 Cambridge, MA 02139

The pricing form says "NA". What does that mean?

Some of our services are specifically restricted to the MIT community and we cannot offer them to outside users. Others are restricted to academic labs. Please email us at if you have any questions.


Please contact Stuart Levine at 617-452-2949 if you have any questions, or stop by our lab at 68-316.

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