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iLabs (MIT/Core users)

Almost all sample intake has migrated to iLabs. We spent the end of 2016 moving the forms for Illumina library prep, sequencing and Pacbio sequencing over to the new system and testing it out. Find BMC in iLabs at iLabs system in the KI Genomics Core/MIT BioMicro Center section. The new forms are under "Request Services". All projects using MIT cost objects should use iLabs going forward. Projects being billed to outside groups or by PO should continue to use the forms on the website.

SUBMISSION FORMS (outside users)

FORM Download Webpage Notes
Illumina library prep and/or sequencingFORMWIKIUse this form for submissions of RNA and DNA for library preparation or completed Illumina Libraries.
ChIP-seq library prep FORMWIKIUse this form for submissions of chromatin for IP and preparation.
Affymetrix arrays FORMWIKI
Advanced Analytical/Bioanalyzer FORM - for nonMIT users only!WIKI



BioMicro Center calendars are run through the iLabs system managed by the Koch Institute. The easiest way to schedule equipment is to log on to the iLabs site on a different tab, then click on the links below to be taken directly to the relevant calendar. Alternatively, you can navigate from the BioMicro Center page on the site.

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