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FORM Download Webpage Notes
Illumina library prep and/or sequencingFORMWIKIUse this form for submissions of RNA and DNA for library preparation or completed Illumina Libraries.
ChIP-seq library prep FORMWIKIUse this form for submissions of chromatin for IP and preparation.
Affymetrix arrays FORMWIKI
Agilent arrays FORMWIKI
Advanced Analytical/Bioanalyzer FORMWIKI



BioMicro Center calenders are run through the OpenWetWare system. To sign up for our equipment, please REGISTER FOR AN ACCOUNT. Once you have an account, click on "Schedule" below. You can then schedule time by clicking on a date. If there is already an experiment being run on the day you are interested in, you may add more time slots by selecting "Edit" at the top of the page.

* Our 3 LC480 LightCyclers are scheduled using Google Calendar. Once you have an account, contact us to be added to these calendars.

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