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The TECAN Freedom EVO 150 is a highly versatile device capable of automating dozens of different applications. Our Tecan is currently equipped with a four-channel liquid handling arm and a 96 tip multi-channel arm. The instrument supports a wide variety of fluid transfer operations for both 96 and 384-well microplates including reagent addition, continuous reagent dispensing, sample transfer, plate replication, plate-to-plate transfer (96 to 96, 384 to 384, 96 to 384) serial dilutions, and within-well mixing. The Tecan Freedom Evo 150 can accurately handle volumes between 1 and 200 ul.


Because of the flexibility of the EVO system, all users are required to be trained prior to using the robot. Training can be scheduled in the BioMicro Center with Manlin Luo.


The TECAN Freedom EVO 150 is currently located in 68-4XX. The TECAN will be relocated to the BioMicro Center in early 2009.


Access to the Tecan is available in 2 hour blocks. You can schedule use of the Tecan HERE

NOTE: Until January 2009, access to the Tecan will be restricted. Please make sure to contact Stuart Levine to schedule time.


In order to defray the costs of the annual service contract, each session on the EVO will be charged $75.. Tips and 96 well plates can be purchased from the BioMicro center or obtained from your own lab.


 Equipment Fee          $75 per use    (service contract)
 Pipette tips            ?? per box
 Stacked tips (8x96)     ?? per stack
 96 well plates          ?? per plate
 New user Training     $100  
 ** All users must be trained before being allowed to use the Evo **
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