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(Current Project: Build a Hydrogen Photobioreactor (PBR))
(Current Project: Build a Hydrogen Photobioreactor (PBR))
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[[The Bioreactor Tubes]]
[[The Bioreactor Tubes]]
[[Bioreactor Parameters]]
[[Bioreactor Protocols]]
[[Bioreactor Team]]
[[Bioreactor Team]]

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BEInG Mission Statement

We are individuals from diverse scientific and engineering backgrounds working together to design, disseminate, and deploy realistic scenarios for the generation of renewable energy from life-based systems.

Current Project: Build a Hydrogen Photobioreactor (PBR)


This is our current project. The bioreactor has three PVC tubes filled with algae. When the algae is subjected to an anaerobic environment, an enzyme in the algae, hydrogenase, produces hydrogen gas. This hydrogen gas can then be used as a fuel source.

Please see the links below for more information.

The Bioreactor Tubes

Bioreactor Protocols

Bioreactor Team

Electrical Team

Biology Team

Admin Team

Unfiled Team


Biological Energy FAQ

Goals of the BEInG


BEInG In the News




Contact Us

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