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Figure 49. Vid operating our atomic force microscope
We deposited the sample (typically 5 µl with ~5 nM DNA origami purified of excess staple strands) containing rectangles with DNA origami add-ons on a freshly cleaved mica (grade V1, Ted Pella), incubated for 60 s and then rinsed with 100 µl of buffer contained in the sample and then two times with 100 µl of MQ water. The sample was dried under nitrogen stream. Atomic force microscopy measurements were performed on dried samples in tapping mode on Agilent Technologies 5500 Scanning Probe Microscope using either silicon cantilevers ARROW-NCR or SSS-NCH (Nanoworld). Scan rate was generally 1 Hz and below, with engaging amplitude of 300-400 mV.


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