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Triangular Prism

Triangular Prism

We propose a new kind of molecular robot fully made of DNA.
To win the race, the robot need to be fast, and also need to go straight toward the goal accurately.
Our design for this rolling robot is able to follow a defined track made of DNA origami in an efficient way by means of going faster than conventional spider robots.
In near future, such molecular robot will be useful for efficient drug delivery in our body.
Do you want to learn more about this project? We present the following contents for constructing our racing robot. You also can find a video showing our project overview in the bottom of this page.
Have fun!

Observation under AFM


Triangular Prism AFM Image Simulation
Our 3D structure is constructed entirely of DNA, and its designing had done by caDNAno, the software for designing DNA origami. With high-speed AFM,we checked whether the structure would be made or not as the design of caDNAno.Moreover,the results of AFM were fed back to the optimal condition. We did 3D simulation of the molecular rolling robot over the DNA origami field using molecular dynamics. In this simulation, the robot consists of mass points and we used the Langevin equation to describe the motion of each mass point.

YouTube video

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