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DnanoPROT: Nanostructuring by Combining DNA Origami and Proteins

Project Description

DNA origami are based on rational design principles and provide versatile structures. However, in nature examples of protein structures with diverse shapes and functions are more common. Therefore, we aim at testing and providing methods to combine DNA origami technology with proteins structures. Positioning of chemical modifications at the edges of flat DNA origami recognized by bivalent binding antibodies enabled us link the DNA origami to dimers and in the case of multiple chemical modifications to higher order oligomers. For a more general approach to link proteins in a directed manner to DNA origami we added a tag to recombinantly expressed proteins. This allows for enzymatic linkage of chemical modifications and subsequent click chemistry of proteins with alkyne modified DNA origami. Next to small proteins, we are testing the linkage of DNA origami with virus like particles.

On edges biotin modified DNA origamis are bound by anti-biotin antibody forming a nano substructure seen above

On the top biotin modified DNA origamis are bound by anti-biotin antibody forming another nano substructure

Binding DNA origamis to the virus surface using click chemistry and peptide ligation catalysed by the enzyme sortase

Protein can be coupled on DNA origamis using click chemistry and sortase catalysed peptide ligation

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