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                 <h4>For their support in terms of knowledge and expertise we thank the following people:
                 <h4>For their support in terms of knowledge and expertise we thank the following people:

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Santiago Cañon

Santiago has a calm easygoing latin pace and a never ending smile. You should spend time with him if you want to relax. An amazing gel guy who says yes to adventure. Not your typical latin boy (just joking..)

Maryam Vahdatzadeh

Maryam is a delicate and caring soul who is very enthusiastic about science, wine and vodka! She is always happy, pretty, sweet, sometimes with her head in the sky. All in one word; the right example of Persian Passion!

Alexander Ohmann

With his unique 48h days, he is a typical effective, organized German. His individual creativity and perfectionism make him our origami boy. Being the guy who always gets the point, he is very very helpful, totally reliable and easy going.

Praveen Vasudevan

He is so capable, expressive, trustworthy and versatile yet so humble and friendly. He is smart, vegicool and great company for the experiments. He is getting to use his phone better and you can’t simply get mad at him

Ali Ghaemi

Ali is a guy you need to know! An eloquent man with a polymeric perception of the world. You will love his ideas about life. He is spontaneous like a cartoon character and always relaxed!

Agata Szuba

Agata is a natural leader, never holds back. She is full of energy and will motivate you in an effective way. She is very joyful, full of expressions, very reliable and always there for you, sometimes with limited patience :) She loves coffee.

Varsha Natarajan

Varsha is a free spirit, full of ideas & adventurous thoughts. Her personality is colourful, truly Bollywood. Often, she gets inspiring ideas in the tram or in the shower. If there is something you want corrected she is your girl. Her hunger is unquenchable.

Thomas Schlichthärle

Thomas is very creative and sees science as an amazing playground for all his crazy ideas. In his leisure time he likes to do animations. On the other hand he is super responsible and very organized.

Karen Elda Viacava Romo

Karen is super sweet and easy going, but don’t bother her when she is in the lab. In the project, she took care of design, creative drawings and flashy colors. Sometimes she can be sensitive and “picky”. She prepares you nice Mexican food.

Prof. Stefan Diez

Bio-Nano Tools, BCUBE

Stefan Diez is Heisenberg Professor for BioNanoTools at the B CUBE Research Center. His lab develops and applies novel optical techniques to investigate molecular transport in cell biology and nanotechnology.

Dr. Ralf Seidel


Ralf Seidel is a group leader at the Center for Biotechnology. He investigates DNA translocating molecular motors using single molecule techniques such as magnetic tweezers. Before he worked on DNA mediated assembly of novel nanostructures.

Dr. Michael Schlierf

Bionanotechnological Analysis & Manipulation, BCUBE

Michael Schlierf is a group leader at the B CUBE Research Center. His team works on bionanotechnological analysis and manipulation, specifically the development and application of single molecule techniques to study cellular machines.

Prof. Erik Schäffer

Single Molecule Nanomechanics, BIOTEC

Erik Schäffer is a group leader at the Center for Biotechnology. His main research focus is the investigation of the nanomechanics of protein-protein interactions by using single-molecule techniques such as optical tweezers.

Maj Svea Grieb

Single Molecule Methods, BCUBE

Svea is a PhD student in the Lab of Michael Schlierf and works on DNA interacting enzymes using single-molecule techniques. She participated in 2010 in the iGEM competition and she is the angel of the project and takes care of everything.

Ignacio Gonzalez

Creative graphics, TU Dresden

Ignacio (Nacho) is a PhD student at the Leibniz Institute for Solid State Research in Dresden, His scientific research is directed towards the synthesis and characterization of boron-rich low dimensional nanostructures. He is very fond of drawing, painting and designing and dedicates very much of his free time to such activities.

Dominik Kauert


Dominik is a PhD student in the lab of Ralf Seidel. He is very interested in the design of DNA Origami structures and their applications in bioscience and technology.

Aleksander Czogalla

Lipid Membranes, BIOTEC

Aleksander is a Post-Doc in the lab of Petra Schwille. He investigates the coupling of DNA Origami to lipid membranes.

Lucas Schirmer

Web Design, MBC Dresden

Lucas is a PhD student in the Max-Bergmann Center for Biomaterials. He participated 2010 in the iGEM competition and was our main source of knowledge in creating the wiki.

For their support in terms of knowledge and expertise we thank the following people:

Interesting discussions

Prof. Marino Zerial
Prof. Petra Schwille
Prof. Jochen Guck
Prof. Kai Simons
Prof. Oliver Schmidt
Dr. Yixin Zhang
Dr. Leonid Ionov
Dr. Andrew Oates

Light Microscopy facility

Wolfgang Staroske
Hela Hartmann
Ruth Hans
Markus Burkhardt
Ellen Geibelt
Ronny Sczech

Electron Microscopy facility

Thomas Kurth
Susanne Kretschmar

AFM Imaging Collaborators

Centro Nacional de Biotecnologia (Madrid):
Dr. Fernando Moreno Herrero
Maria Eugenia Fuentes

Financial Assistance

Juliane Hoth
Andrea Dünnebier


Jasmina Dikic
Hsin-Mei Cheng
Sarah Mansour
Shruti Mathur Desai
Julienne LaChance

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